How to choose the right exterior paint color for my house.


Exterior paint colors particularly if you are trying to sell, can make all the difference when it comes to the curb appeal of your home. The color of your home’s exterior is the most public decision you’ll ever make on architecture. Through it adding charm and elegance to your house, exterior paint color plays a key role in how prospective customers view your house.

But with thousands of colors of exterior paint available, selecting the right one can be a challenging job. What one would be the best for your home? And how many layers of paint are sufficient to obtain the needed durability?

The fundamentals of color collection

Start with helpful tools before you start selecting the right house color. It ‘s important to get the basics right with a home-color visualization tool. Remember the size of your house, for example, when preparing to paint the exterior. The size can influence whether the dark or light colors are more suitable.

Bright colors can make your house look bigger as a general rule of thumb and will be more influenced by various light conditions, whereas dark shades will make your property appear smaller and help it blend with the surroundings.

Always, make sure that you remember the architecture of the house and the neighborhood background when selecting a paint scheme. Although you don’t need to stick strictly to the rules, don’t wander too far from the rule book to get the most appealing look.

Look at a color show before you buy paint

When you have the basic idea of what you want for your home’s exterior, you can use a color visualizer to find the ideal colour. You can search through common colours, families of colors, or picks from the decorator. The method is sold by several major paint companies with exterior options.

Although the basic interface is slightly different for and paint tool, both use similar methods to allow users to check various paint options. Just by uploading your home ‘s exterior images, you can see what different paint colors could look like on your walls. It’s a perfect way to play online, and get ideas and inspiration for the color scheme of your house.

Confirm your choice of color with samples of paint

Now that you’ve used a virtual tool to narrow your options, it’s time to validate them with color samples at your staged home. Although visualizers are helpful, there is no replacement for real-life visualization of the color on your home walls. Purchase comparison sizes of the colors you are considering, and set out some brush-outs.

Make sure you put some color on both your home’s southern and northern sides, as the lighting there can differ dramatically. Often, visit these places to get a good idea of how the final product will appear at various times of the day.

Don’t limit your options

Ideally, an exterior paint color scheme will have three main parts: a dominant field colour; an accent color that brings shutters, doors and other smaller pieces to life; and the color of the trim. When you’ve selected an attractive field and trim combination, make it stand out with an eye-catching accent colour. Open yourself to go bold but don’t go overboard.

When you paint, the ability to see the exterior paint colors will save you a lot of time , money and trouble particularly when it’s time to sell. Using the paint color visualizers above to take the guesswork out of choosing the correct one for your house.

If you’re planning to do the work yourself or employ a specialist, these interactive tools will make sure the results are pleasing and sparkling, no matter how the job is done.

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