DIY Home Remodel Ideas


Top 5 DIY Home Remodel Ideas to do at your home during the quarantine period.

Bored at home? Why not do these easy to do DIY home remodel ideas while you are at home that we found…

We know most of us are stuck at home because of this pandemic. Some found a new hobby like crocheting, others found joy in taking care of plants, most of us when back to doing exercise but what about you?

Let’s start!

1. Give your kitchen some face lift with this DIY storage rack kitchen organizer

Pic from Pinterest

This will make so much difference! Bye bye cluttered kitchen!

2. DIY makeover for your vanity

Amazing! Would love to do this on our vanity! Read the step by step procedure here.

3. Time to revisit your garage!

Does your garage make your head hurt because everything is all over the place? Why not do this DIY garage shelves from Ana White! I bet it will make a huge improvement!

4. DIY Floating Shelves with pipe


Can we just say that this floating shelves with pipe is lit! We love how the pipe added some “oomph” with this simple wood shelves! Want to try it out? Read the full details on Shanty 2 Chic

5. DIY Mudroom! Update that empty wall!

Image from The Savvy Sparrow

Make use of that empty wall in your house by doing this easy to follow DIY Mudroom!

BONUS: Choose a wall in your house and paint it with some contrasting color. Don’t know how to do it, call a professional painter near you!

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